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When it comes to mechanical know-how regarding the correct way to use a floor jack, one also needs to know more about the specific type of machine being used. This is important because a well-informed decision when buying or using a floor jack can make the difference between working with ease and understanding, or finding your work to be a hassle, and possibly even unsafe. To know which type of floor jack would be best suited to your particular needs, here are three types, followed by explanations of each.

A scissor– or car jack is the type most commonly found in the boot of the average car and is familiar to most people, as this is the type commonly used to replace flat tires. It is a small, cheap, hand-cranked device that functions by turning the jack screw to pull together the two middle points of its diamond-shapes frame and, in so doing, pushes the top upward, which then lifts the vehicle upward.

Another type is the bottle– or piston jack, so named for its large, cylindrical shape which functions through the use of a hydraulic piston to lift, placed on a flat surface, to lift far heavier objects than a scissor jack is capable of lifting.

There is also the hydraulic floor jack, the focus of this investigation, which uses hydraulic fluid, as the name indicates. The best choice of fluid is oil, as it is less expensive and functions as a lubricant. This is a common type of jack as it has the capacity for lifting a massive load. Its functionality works as follows; a cylinder forces oil into a chamber and it secured there by a back check valve. This is repeated multiple times, increasing the oil pressure, which in turn raises up the lift arm.

Taking all this in mind, there are different considerations to take into account when selecting the correct jack for your specific requirements. One of these is capacity. A regular hydraulic jack can achieve a lift of about 2-3 tons, although there are those that can deal with more. Knowing what your weight requirement is the first step toward knowing which jack to buy.

Another important determining factor is height. Here, a standard floor jack with a lift capacity of up to 3 tons would generally be able to achieve a 21 inch maximum height. Safety is of the utmost importance, so for a jack to be able to handle greater-than-average height, stability of the frame and a larger base may be considered.

With advances in technology, you also have more current options regarding the substance from which a jack is constructed. Older designs tend to be made from stainless structural steel or even cast-iron. These materials perform very well, but for a lighter, more maneuverable workshop tool, you can opt for one made from aluminum or an aluminum alloy. This material is highly dependable and often has a better capability regarding what weight it can lift.

Let’s face it, the faster you can get a car jacked up, the faster you can get to work on it. Speed is an important determining factor. That is why double piston pumps or hydraulic mechanisms are the way to go. They are fast to work with without compromising on safety.

Having discussed the variety of the different functional aspects to keep in mind, we can now take a look at three of the best floor jacks currently available.

The Powerzone 380044

This specific floor jack is made from aluminum and, in combination with its wheel system, makes it easy to move around at a whim. Regardless of being light, it is able to lift up to three tons and can raise that weight anywhere between 4 to 18.25 inches. It has a fast-acting hydraulic system which can be operated using one hand only whilst remaining incredibly safe in its use. The steel lift arm is an addition to make it a heavy-duty tool. All in all, it comes highly recommended because if its reliability and speed.

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The Hein-Werner HW93642 Blue

American-made, you may have come across this classic design before as it is a standard in many shops and is constructed from cast iron and stainless steel for lasting performance quality. its wider frame allows for a 2 ton capacity, while the hydraulic catch mechanism makes it unbelievably safe to use. The sealed hydraulic pumps and joint precision load control mechanism both help add speed and promises smooth sailing for a long time. It is an uncomplicated and dependable machine.

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The Arcan ALJ3T

This type gives you a choice between a two or three ton capacity in terms of weight capability. Also hydraulic, its dual pump piston can lift between 3.6 to 19.4 inches quickly, and the bypass and overload system means that it never compromises on safety. The reinforced steel that it is made of makes it very light, but also gives you a guarantee that it will last, and adds dramatically to its stability. It may seem more complex than certain other jacks, but this is a great tool that does not shy from heavy labor and is swift, safe and durable.

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Now that with our floor jack reviews we have discussed both the requirements as well as market availability, we hope that you can make the best possible decision when choosing your equipment.

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