Two Amazing Hydraulic Transmission Jacks Worth Your Every Penny

Hydraulic Transmission Jack

A hydraulic transmission jack is a device designed to support, raise and lower a transmission when it is disconnected from a vehicle. The transmission jack is an important tool in the automotive industry. We will review two of the best hydraulic transmission jacks to make sure you get the best value for your money when you buy a transmission jack.

ATD ATD-7435 1/2 Ton Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Floor Style Transmission Jack

This 106-pound equipment from ATP is one of the best products on the market. It is moderately priced. It is designed to meet the ASME/ANSI-PALD safety standards. It is designed with heavy-duty steel wheels and ball bearings casters, with a solid support base allowing smooth and reliable movements of a transmission. This is a low-profile transmission jack with a minimum height of only 8.5 inches with a maximum height of 24.75 inches.

The transmission jack has a hydraulic bypass mechanism that protects it from damage from overload. It also has an attached restraining chain that enables the safe raising and lowering of the system throughout the entire time in use. The jack includes an expanded saddle measuring 17 inches by 9.35 inches which comes in handy when trying to jack large automatic transmissions. It features an adjustable head that can move in four directions making lining up the jack with many transmission bolt patterns easy. The tool has an impressive customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

The quality and design make this jack stand out from the competition when the price is considered. It has everything you need and all the features you could want in an automotive lifting device.

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Torin TRA4055 Transmission Jack – 1/2 Ton Capacity

Up next is the Torin TRA4055 Transmission Jack – 1/2 Ton Capacity. This 192-pound device is used for everything from everyday garage service to heavy-duty industrial jobs. It is slightly more expensive than the ATD ATD-7435 1/2 Ton Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Floor Style Transmission Jack. It will comfortably support the 1/2 rated ton capacity. The construction and dipped enamel finish on the transmission jack is excellent. The two-stage telescoping ram allows a high reach of 71 inches.

It is fitted with a heavy-duty construction transmission mounting head and has four ratcheting brackets that adjust to fit a variety of transmissions. The foot pedal pump and release action allow for a convenient one-person operation. It features a saddle that lets side to side and front to back adjustments. This efficient equipment has four legs for stability. The chains to latch the transmission to the jack are excellently made and reliable. Lifts weight easily and smoothly and bring them down in the same manner. The product has an impressive rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

This is overall an excellent, stable, efficient, and multi-purpose transmission jack.

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In Summary

We have reviewed two of the best transmission jacks and picked from moderate price ranges to ensure that no matter the budget, you get decent equipment for your everyday use. These jacks have everything you need in a transmission jack. From their design and construction, to ease of operation, to their durability, these two tools represent the best deals on transmission jacks you will ever get. They also have excellent reviews on Amazon so you can be sure they have been tried and tested and found worthy to rank among the best. We hope that this guide was helpful to you as you plan to purchase a transmission guide.

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