Hydraulic Power Units – The heart of Hydraulic machinery

Hydraulic Power Units

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Hydraulic Power Units are the major driving components of hydraulic systems. Consisting primarily of a motor, a reservoir along with a hydraulic pump, these units can produce a significant amount of power to drive most hydraulic ram. Hydraulic Power Units derived from Pascal’s law of physics, drawing their electrical power from ratios of area and pressure.

Hydraulic Power Units are widely used in a wide range of applications, which includes:

  • Automation
  • Meat Processing Machinery
  • Machine Tools
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Rolling Mill Machinery
  • Aerospace Test Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Government/Military
  • Paper Mill Machinery
  • Oil Spill Clean Up Equipment
  • Oil Field
  • Marine Equipment
  • Industrial Process
  • Theatrical & Production Equipment
  • Construction Equipment

Hydraulic Power Units can typically be used in any application which requires heavy and systematic lifting or any other requirements for the repetitive use of powerful and directional power.

Consider all of the ways that hydraulic power units are used in things you see on a daily basis. Drive past any sort of construction site and you are likely to notice some kind of heavy construction equipment, be it an excavator, a bull dosser, perhaps even a skid steers. Most of these machines depend on hydraulic power units to perform their work. Fisherman relies on hydraulic power units to elevate their nets and pots. Your auto mechanic uses a hydraulic power unit to lift up your car high enough to walk around beneath it and make repairs.

The Jaws of Life, something that has saved a lot of lives in auto accidents, depends on a hydraulic power unit for its amazing cutting power. Farmers use hydraulic-driven equipment to tend to and harvest their crops. The trash truck that picks up your garbage uses a hydraulic power unit to compact the rubbish it collects. Your preferred amusement park ride most likely utilizes hydraulics to lift you high and fast into the air as well as give you a smooth, safe landing. Remember whenever you stepped on the brakes in order to avoid that last small puppy that ran out into the road? That was also this hydraulic power unit; your modern auto-braking systems depend on the power of hydraulics as well.

You can easily overlook the widespread and remarkable utility of hydraulic power units, but listing most of their applications it becomes clear that we use them for so much of what makes modern society run smoothly and proficiently.

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