Transmission Jack: Factors to Consider

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Trying to remove a transmission without the help of a hydraulic transmission jack or a transmission jack adapter fitted to a floor jack is a difficult and dangerous task. Balancing an odd shaped transmission on the saddle of a traditional floor jack is close to impossibility. Trying to muscling out a transmission with an average weight in excess of 150 pounds by hand is unrealistic. Even if you take it out somehow putting it back to the correct position will be the real challenge. As a general rule, having the right tool for the job can reduce the frustration and danger associated with work. Our effort is to give you the best guide of buying the transmission jack that fits your needs.

Weight Capacity

The measure of weight a transmission jack can support is clearly an essential component, as you should have the ability to lift the transmission for augmented time frames securely. That is the reason all jacks indicate the weight limit (typically extending from 500 lbs. to 2,000+ lbs.), so ensure you search for this first. Jacks implied for do-it-without anyone’s help occupations can, as a rule, have a 1,000 lb. Alternately less weight limit while proficient shops will require a jack that can deal with an assortment of professions, regularly requiring weight boundaries of 2,000+ lbs.

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Scope of Motion

The extent of movement can likewise be alluded to as its vertical range or leeway run. This incorporates the jack’s most minimal or least stature and the most noteworthy or greatest tallness. The scope of movement is critical to know with a specific end goal to achieve the underside of your vehicle, and you’ll have the capacity to fit the transmission cozily in the lift and also have sufficient lifting extent to evacuate the transmission securely.

Low profile or High Lift Transmission Jack Adapter

Hydraulic Transmission Jack Adapter regularly come in low profile or high lift outlines, and the distinction between the two will be the vehicle application it will be utilized for. At the point when picking a transmission jack, it’s critical to know how much leeway you’ll have previously.

A position of safety transmission jack can venture into territories of restricted get to, for example when an auto has not been raised off the ground. Low profile jacks sit low to the ground and are perfect for common applications where you don’t have entry to lift. A vehicle should be set on jack remains before a position of safety jack can be utilized.

A high lift hydraulic transmission jack is composed with a lift that sits on top of a pressure driven platform. These jacks are best used for vehicles that sit high, for example raised trucks or vehicles that have been lifted using water powered lift.


Solidness is crucial if you will utilize your Jack regularly, as the disappointment of a jack can be lethal. An enduring overwhelming obligation transmission jack adapter will be made out of toughened steel and will incorporate high calibre, simple move wheels.


A transmission jack will require steadiness to keep a communication from tumbling down. This applies most notably to high lift jacks. A more large leg base size gives a jack more soundness, which is at last what you need.


A guarantee ought to likewise be considered when buying a Jack, particularly on the off chance that you plan to utilize it as often as possible. Most makers give a constrained guarantee on every one of their jacks, whether it is an offer to repair or supplant an imperfection or a full discount off the price tag.


Cost is additionally something that shouldn’t be neglected when searching for a transmission floor jack available to be purchased. Most online retailers offer a lower price than physical stores as online retailers don’t need to manage as much overhead. The main drawbacks of obtaining a jack online are possible delivery expenses and returns, albeit a few retailers offer free sending and also a simple return handle.

Different Factors

Various elements can incorporate items that make expulsion and establishment of a transmission simpler. This includes things, for example, the simplicity of maneuverability, hydraulic weight, and foot pedals. At the point when searching for the best transmission jack, it’s urgent to find one that incorporates these components.

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