24 inch Bar Stools | Choose the Right Bar Stool Height

24 inch Bar Stools

Picking out the appropriate height of a bar stool is usually difficult. If they’re way too short, you can’t reach the bar and when they’re too much, you’ll need to slouch – neither is quite comfortable and, let’s face it, doesn’t are so cute. Below are some tips regarding how to pick the best stool for the bar or counter.

Counter Stool vs Bar Stool

Understanding the difference between a bar stool with a counter stool is very important. A counter stool is generally a 24-inch bar stool and it is typically used on a kitchen counter. A bar stool is approximately 30 inches and is suitable for sitting at a bar.

Here we present a few Best 24 inch counter stools for your kitchen or your restaurant.

Within Your Budget

Linon Claridge 24 inch Counter Stool, Black

Product description

The Claridge Black Counter Stool will add elegant seating to any counter or high-top table. The strong wood frame features a black finish set off by a black vinyl fabric upholstered seat. Nailhead trim as well as accent stitching adds a patchwork design on the top.

Customer Reviews
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Overtaken our expectations. Excellent height, firm cushioned, tight stitching, are generally good workmanship and were very easy to screw together. They add to our fresh granite kitchen shift, creating that French bistro sort of look we’re wanting. our expectations. 

These are generally very comfortable and top quality. I was also very impressed with the caution in packing each stool. Of the 4, one arrived broken with tears in the seat. I was allowed to return without any trouble and quickly received the replacement one.

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Winsome Set Of 2 Square Leg, 24 inch Bar Stools, Antique Walnut

Product description

These are the solid wood 24-inch bar stools. Fully assembled. Square leg. The beveled seat gives comfortable seating. Classic Walnut Finish. The set contains 2 counter stools, significant and stylish black 24 inches Assembled Stool with sq . legs. Ideal for extra seating. General stool size is 13.4″W x 13.4″ D x 242″H. Solid wood in Antique Walnut Finish.


  • Square leg
  • Constructed of solid wood
  • Two counter stools
  • Already assembled
Customer Reviews

I love them and would purchase them again. The top surface of them wasn’t finished perfectly, several shiny spots I needed to buff out of each stool. The paint is great but visible the wood grain, this is not on account of transparency but because of texture, I would have chosen a wood finish had I noticed that, but I’m satisfied with them. They weren’t very costly, and I do like them so I would say go for it, they’re very strong and don’t rock. The one bad thing is the packaging, mine arrived OK but had several little chips and paint dings that can likely have been avoided. Overall tho, not worse than a couple of weeks of regular use would not produce.

Inexpensive bar stools and fairly top quality. We’re trying to find a good value these stools suit you perfectly. They’re strong, look great, and are an ideal height for a kitchen island or peninsula counter. We only remodeled your kitchen and we were seeking stools that would not stand out much from your bar as it only hangs 8 inches out of the peninsula. These 24-inch bar stools possess a narrow enough profile which they tuck against the peninsula pretty well and have a large enough sitting surface to comfy seat for an average adult.

When it comes to quality, the color is not bad. There are a few tiny spots where more care has been taken for example the underneath of the seating area where there is an unpainted square around 4 x 4 inches where they should have set it on a stand to color it at the factory or something like that. While I unwrapped them and set them in place I never imagined or saw the unpainted square since these 24-inch bar stools are pretty low. I guess if you are playing on the floor with the kids and look up you might be able to see it.

Also, the sideways footrests/steps which are made up of wooden dowels are affixed to the 4 legs when you are fitted into holes inside the legs that make sense; the problem is that also they are held into those holes by nails that are not all destroyed in the way. I purchased two 24 inch bar stools and that I had to hammer in bout 5-6 nails about 1/16 inch more to ensure the semi-sharp little heads were not sticking out since they would pose an itching risk to the kid’s little fingers or possibly a tearing risk to most delicate pants. I simply used a drift (bigger nail with flat tip) that I placed up against the tiny finishing nail heads and tapped them in. You can also easily take off extra with a Dremel cut-off wheel. This hammering undertaking only took about 10-15 minutes when I was slow and careful not to ding the timber, so don’t allow that to discourage you. Also, lots of people may not feel the nails and never care or maybe I merely got an unlucky batch that the guy which makes it got lazy or distracted. You never know.

In general, they’re great 24-inch bar stools, particularly for the price. I really plan on buying an additional set as I think we’ve room for them in the bar also. The finish is decent, they’re fairly strong, and the cost is suitable. If I had it to do once again I would pick the same ones as the matter of minutes it took to fix the nails wasn’t an issue personally.

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With some added budget

Boraam 48824 Augusta Counter Height Swivel Stool, 24-Inch, Cappuccino

Product description

The Boraam Industries 48824 24-Inch Augusta Swivel Stool in Cappuccino finish features. Solid hardwood construction. Black faux leather seat over high-density foam. Durable ball-bearing for full, 360-degree swivel. Flared legs and footrest provide comfort and stability. Attractive design, built with solid hardwood for everyday use. Enjoy the perfect compliment for your kitchen or bar. Easy assembly. Comes with a 90-day limited warranty. Boraam Industries was established in 2001 and is renowned for quality furniture in a classic, casual style. Boraam provides well-styled, high-quality home furnishings and furniture at affordable prices. Their highly qualified team comes with many years of experience in the furniture industry, and the result is elegant classical and contemporary designs at a very reasonable price. From these 24-inch bar stools to pub tables, baker’s racks to dinette sets, and much, much more Boraam Industries will have what you’re looking for. Recommended for residential use only. Note: Seat height is the measurement from floor to base of the seat, and does not include additional height for a seat cushion.


  • Solid hardwood construction, built for everyday use; Comfy black faux leather seat over high-density foam
  • Durable ball-bearing for full, 360-Degree swivel
  • Flared legs and footrest provide comfort and stability
  • Attractive, classic casual design – the perfect complement for your kitchen or bar
  • Easy assembly; Comes with 90-day limited warranty
Customer Reviews

I ordered these stools after searching locally and online for the reasonably priced 24-inch bar stools that aesthetically looked great along with reasonable quality for the price. I decided to buy six of these 24-inch bar stools but was cautiously optimistic after reading the reviews regarding damaged stools, color variability and lack of appropriate hardware, etc… So I took a few steps after receiving and during the assembly to ensure everything met my expectations. First, there is a date of manufacture on each box. Even though I received three separate shipments, each one was manufactured in December 2014. Next, I carefully unpacked and checked to ensure the color was a match. Next, I carefully inspected each piece for damage looking for cracks or broken pieces. Do this without destroying the packaging just in case it needs to go back in the box. Happy to report not one piece was damaged and the appropriate hardware was included. After unpacking, I staged an area for two stools at a time. I then took each bolt and placed the locking nut and washer as described in the instructions ( which were clear enough to understand). Do this in advance so that you are not scrambling around looking for the right bolt, nut, and washer. Being that some people complained about bolts coming loose over time, I chose to purchase a couple of tubes of LOCK-TIGHT and added a small amount to each bolt before using it. I highly suggest when assembling the legs to foot ring and seating base, DO NOT TIGHTEN! Leave them a little less than finger tight until all 16 bolts are in place. The stool should feel very wobbly at this point. This helps with alignment issues that many of you may have had getting bolts into the holes. Next, put the base on a smooth level surface and then tighten. This is critical because if you tighten while on carpet or uneven surface, it will tighten in an out of level position and the 24-inch bar stools will wobble. You need to make sure to move quickly during this step as the LOCK Tight will start to set up quickly so you should try to have this completed in 15-20 min and do not stop until you complete this step. Another reason to have all of the bolts ready to go.

Once this is completed, attached the stool back to the seat following the guidelines above. Use Lock-Tight on each bolt, and again, do not tighten until each bolt is in place and of course DON’T OVERTIGHTEN!

Once this is complete, attach the base to the seat using the four bolts provided. Again, use the Lock-tight on each bolt. This is the only tricky part of the assembly. The four-bolt holes only line up in one way so make sure that the stool is positioned so that each bolt hole is aligned before you start putting the bolts in place. Additionally, you have to rotate the stool so that you can screw the bolt in easily. That means you will have to rotate the stool around as there seems to be only one position where you can get easy access to installing the bolt and being able to tighten it. I have to admit, this was a little frustrating but not impossible or that hard. I just had to figure this out on my own so hopefully, this will help the rest of you out.

Overall, I am very happy with these 24-inch bar stools. I gave them FIVE STARS for price value and the simple fact that I did not have one issue They look awesome and feel very solid/sturdy without any significant wobble etc… You can’t beat the $80 price for each stool (when you order the two-pack). If you want a true $500 stool, this will probably not meet your expectations, but you can’t beat it for the price!

I hope this was helpful and I will update once we get some wear and tear on them in a few months. Good Luck!

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