Best two Transmission Jacks Review 2021

Hydraulic Transmission Jack

Transmission is supposed to be one of the most crucial things in the automotive field. Anyone related to this field understands how handy it is to be equipped with one solid transmission jack for any vehicle servicing. Although it can be confusing to choose the right transmission jacks as plenty of them are available in the market.

In this article, we will explore two of the best transmission jacks by emphasizing their capacity, durability, and stability. We look forward to helping you find the most convenient jack for your job.

Torin Roll Under 1000 lb Transmission Jack

For a strong high capacity jack, the Torin TR4076 will definitely be a great tool for your garage to be equipped with.

With a weight capacity of 1,000-pounds, this jack is up for any transmission thrown to it. This is designed for both professional mechanics and weekend experimenters alike, the Torin transmission jack is easy for anyone to operate, and also very adjustable for getting under the low clearance vehicles. It comes with brand strength as it is manufactured by one of the most premium companies in the automotive lift market.

This jack comes with several features that are applicable even for the most difficult jobs regarding transmission maintenance. It helps a great deal to save you time and being frustrated. Considering all its features, quality, and value, we believe, the Torin transmission jack has been one of our best-reviewed jacks so far.


This transmission jack is made of tough steel with a reinforced base for improved safety measures. It is tested to ANSI standards while still being at the factory that gives you a sense of confidence for a fully safe and reliable purchase.

The hydraulic system on this jack has a smooth and flawless performance. With this hydraulic system, it is extremely easy to lift and lower the transmissions. We really feel it is one of the better jacks available on the market. The quality of hydraulic systems on transmission jacks is always a crucial point being the most important factor for any jack, so the jack companies need to be spot on for picking up the right one, and to our utter satisfaction, we can happily report that Torin picks it successfully.

We would suggest you not simply wear this jack out.  Torin TR4076 is very much durable and is built to last longer even for heavy-duty daily industrial use. We say what we actually find, why not you give it a try, get it through the wringer and check for yourself!


This transmission jack is the result of some great features that we like to have in our tool.

Lifting Handle is the first feature that we want to talk about, it has the ability for a full 360-degree rotation for optimal load positioning. As a result, the lift can be easily maneuvered underneath the transmission from any angle.

A transmission saddle is another feature that stands out and it is easily adjustable for ensuring if the heavy transmission is perfectly supported.

The safety overload protection system feature comes built-in with the Torin, it prevents putting overstressing the hydraulic system. This feature is a great one because it saves you from damaging the jack even for the situation when the transmission weighs more than 1,000-pounds and gets beyond capacity, thanks to this feature that you do not have to bother about the weight of the transmission rarely denoted by a sticker.

With a minimum clearance of 8.66-inches this jack undoubtedly has a greater lifting range than most of the other ones.

Steel swivel-bearing casters are the last but not the least one to mention. They are great for providing good mobility to wheel the heavy transmission in and out of the vehicle effortlessly even being under load. You will be glad to have these darlings if you’ve ever witnessed how damaging 1,000 pounds could be to the flimsy aluminum casters. They are greatly built and feel very robust.


We think the expense of purchasing one of your own Torin TR4076 is like getting it for a song. Similar category jacks with less quality and ordinary designs may cost twice the price of this one. Though Amazon’s great deals can help you find one for the most competitive price.

If you consider the quality and the features it comes with, you would look no further to get one as good as the Torin.

We really feel that the Torin Roll Under  Transmission Jack is a great deal to buy for any mechanic. This really enhances their happiness by making them well equipped. We highly recommend this great transmission jack…

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ATD 7435 Half Ton Hydraulic Floor Style Transmission Jack

ATD transmission jacks are another popular name you should look for when it comes to removing or installing your transmission. But before getting into this tool let’s hear it for the manufacturer.

Since 1977, ATD has grown a great reputation for producing high-quality automotive tools and equipment for professional mechanics. ATD Tools is aimed to provide quality tools and equipment at an affordable price. ATD has a rigorous procedure for quality inspection, which is gone through by each of its tool designs. This test is done at both places, at the site of the manufacturer and the independent laboratory, for ensuring that every tool meets specifications and performance and durability criteria properly. ATD Tools have a great distribution network that ranges from all over North America to many locations throughout the US and Canada.

In this case, we mention one of their best product that is ATD hydraulic transmission Jack which has the prowess to aid you while wrenching on the transmission. As such, we felt it be worth reviewing.


We see very few half-ton heavy-duty transmission jacks are there to be compared with this ADT product. You can have that sense of confidence of getting a safe and quality tool as the ADT transmission jack gets recognition for its design meeting the ANSI-PALD/ASME safety standards. You may wonder how do these PALD safety standards going to help you? PALD that stands for Portable Automotive Lifting Devices is a safety standard applicable to all automotive lifting devices and guarantees that the tool will meet minimum specifications for its design, operation, maintenance, and inspection. This criteria eventually means to be the verification of the tool that it is a safe one and will perform as promoted.

Along with the specs, we think it is to be mentioned that one of the trademark design qualities that ADT has accomplished in their half-ton transmission jack is the hydraulic system. It is unlike the other ones, ATD’s transmission jack has a patented mechanism of hydraulic bypass that helps to protect it from getting damaged during overload. We also like the restraining chain attached to it, which is responsible for enabling the safe raising and lowering of the system throughout the entire period of use.


The saddle that ATD’s hydraulic jack features measures 17 inches x 9-3/8 inches, and is extremely suitable to jack the large automatic transmissions that are not meant to be seated well on smaller platforms. The measurement of its base is 12-5/8 inches by 7-7/8 inches that provides great support to lift a large transmission.

Wheels and casters, It is made of heavy-duty steel wheels and ball bearing casters, ATD’s lift comes with a compact support base for smooth and reliable transmission movement from directly under your vehicle. The 22-1/2 inch handle gives you a very good range of pumping motion as well.

The lifting range is another awesome feature of this transmission jack. It has a minimum height of 8-1/2 inches, which helps it to slide under any vehicle easily even when you are using the low jack stands (click for some jack stands recommendations). This transmission jack can reach a maximum height of 24-3/4 inches which is very good compared to some other jacks that have a reach limit of around 20 inches.

The adjustable head is the best feature of the ATD transmission jack. It can move in four different directions to make the jack lined up easily with different patterns of transmission bolt. It is also faster to do the job with this for a rigid lift. This feature helps you do the job efficiently and also saves you valuable time as it is very important for any level mechanic.


The ATD’s 1/2 ton hydraulic transmission jack performs in the higher range but not necessarily cost in the higher range as well. It is a great tool that comes with all the standard features you see in the expensive models but at an affordable price. We think this jack is a complete package for your automotive transmission lifting. It is to mention that this tool is not something you can often find in general mortar stores. As such, it’s really a good option to make an online purchase as it still performs the same as described.

This is a great combination of quality material and design. In addition to that, it comes at a good price which really makes it a stand-alone tool in the competitive market. When it comes to remove or install a heavy transmission while you are under the car you just can’t take chance by getting one flimsy jack that buckles under the weight and you end up dropping off the jack leaving you with injuries or making any damage to your garage floor. For avoiding such instances you don’t really need to pay a great deal it’s more about getting the right tool which for us is the ADT transmission jack.

In our opinion, ADT’s automotive 1/2 ton transmission jack does great justice to their brand reputation. We should sound metaphorical when suggesting you try out other jacks available on the market and then get back to ATD to realize the differences and their significance.

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If you are from the motoring fraternity yet to explore the area of a transmission jack, then we hope this article has been able to get you through this great mine of knowledge.

The sections discussed here can help you understand the jacks better; precisely the transmission jacks. We believe these reviews should be a good guide for you to buy the best transmission jack for your job.

If you want to see some of the other ones, click through our guide to choose the best transmission jack.

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