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Jack Stands

Vehicle maintenance is not an easy task especially when you are doing something under your car having it raised completely in the air. In such cases, you need to have some really good tools to fight gravity to prevent it from getting back on the ground. To say things more simply, it is your safety that matters the most. Fortunately for the automotive industry that newer safety regulations and the proper use of safety tools have made the situation far better today. The first thing that matters while lifting your car off the ground is the right floor jack. Secondly, you need to have something to support your car while it is being lifted. You just cannot use a floor jack itself to hold the car in the air. Similarly, any substitute for it like bricks, blocks, rocks, etc. should never be used as these can be very stupid and risky as well. The best and the only practice, in this case, should be to use your jack with a pair of jack stands.

By now you have probably known that the jacks are meant to be used when you raise your car off the ground while the jack stands are used for supporting the car so that you can get your jobs done while staying beneath it. Considering your interest in such sophisticated tools we feel the urge to review jack stands pretty often.

The jack stands come with diverse options and this article is not intended to cover all of them. The most important factor that creates a niche for Jack’s stands is its holding capacity. It means how much weight the vehicle the jack stands can hold. Their holding capacity ranges from 2 tons to 12 tons holding capacity. Here we will be reviewing the best 3-ton jack stands pair as they are the most popular ones for doing automotive works for average vehicles like your car or SUVs.

Review of OTC Stinger 3 Ton Jack Stands

First on our list is the OTC Stinger 3 Ton Jack Stands from OTC, a sub-brand of Bosh since 2012. They are a premium manufacturing brand for automotive tools and equipment. So it’s great to review one of their best products, the OTC Stinger 3 Ton Jack Stands which we also feel to be the most convenient one in this category.

OTC Stinger 3 Ton Jack Stands


  • As we mentioned earlier, these jack stands built with heavy steel material have a holding capacity of 3 tons meaning 6000 lbs which makes them more than enough for your car that you will be using these jack stands for.
  • The pyramid shape body allows even distribution between every leg. These legs have flat feet welding. They are stable and steady enough even for the soft ground.
  • You can raise the OTC in the range of 12” to 18”. It works in a ratcheting system where you can use the handle to lock or release the center arm. You can quickly release the handle to drop the arm immediately, but it comes with an over-center cam that locks the arm into place in case of any heavy load on top.
  • The main attaching point of the arm has a V-shaped platform that perfectly suits you to position them on almost any type of jack point available on cars.

Build quality

These jack stands come with an extremely great build. From every angle, you will find that OTC has ensured maximum durability. The heavy steel frame is extensively strengthened with neat welding joints between every part. Overall it has a great fit. The stands also have a nice enamel finish for preventing corrosion to increase their longevity.


When you go shopping for jack stands you will see that mostly they come in pairs although a few retailers may sell individual stands. But you must buy them in pairs to get the maximum out of it. So if you are looking for the 3-ton jack stands that are best suited to the average vehicles and provides high value for your mediocre budget then this is undoubtedly the best one for you. You can shop them on Amazon to get an even better deal.

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Review of Torin 3 Ton Aluminum Jack Stands

Torin 3 Ton Aluminum Jack Stands gets a place in our list as it is a perfect example for a pair of jack stands. Torin is the world’s biggest manufacturer of hydraulic jacks and industry-specific tools. Being a company with longstanding experience and excellent reputation, we couldn’t miss the chance to review one of their great products which is the Torin 3 Ton Aluminum Jack Stands.

Torin 3 Ton Aluminum Jack Stands


  • The most amazing feature that it comes with is its weight which is far lighter than most other jack stands around. Being lightweight is very much admirable considering its heavy holding capacity of 3000 lbs.
  • For the reason that these jack stands are easy for transportation and allow greater mobility when operating in limited areas. The interesting fact is that people are generally intuitive towards getting the heavier jack stands as they think heavier ones are the stronger ones. But it is rather a misunderstood concept which certainly applies to these deceptively well-built and sturdy Torin 3 jack stands. Despite being lightweight, it is as strong as any other jack stands in this category.
  • They also have an ideal lifting range of between 10 ¾” to 15 ⅝” capable of managing most cars like the coupes, sedans, and average SUVs and vans. You will find 5 holes for adjusting the range using a pin-through design. The pin design is beneficial as it is easy to engage and disengage. You cannot just bump the pin and budge it as you remove the existing system.
  • Finally, it is worthy to mention that the base of the Torin 3 Ton Aluminum Jack Stands is extra large which are manufactured with aluminum casting. The bases allow a wider and even weight distribution for their increased surface ratio. The Torin 3 Ton gets strength from the one standing pillar design through which the load is directly transferred to the ground, unlike the angled-leg jack stands with pyramid shaped-base.

Build Quality

The Torin 3 jack stands are extremely lightweight, weighing around 5 lbs each. Additional to their lightweight nature they also handy for easy storage due to their compact design. The base and frame come with an all-anodized finish for protecting corrosion. Overall a great build quality along with a very good fit and finish makes it a top-notch pair of jack stands to have. These are worthy of being on our top reviewed jack stands.


You are always ready to pay more if you get something that meets your demand. In this case, the lightweight design, high-quality build, and reliability of the Torin 3 aluminum jack stand meeting all your demands to convince you to spend a bit more. They may be a little expensive than many jack-stands on the market but they certainly worth it. If you are planning for something lightweight with heavy-duty performance then the Torin 3 Aluminum Jack Stands are the go-to for you. Considering its higher price you will surely look for some competitive price around, check it out on Amazon for the best possible deal you can get. We strongly recommend this set of jack stands if you have some extra coins to spend.

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Review of ESCO 10498 3 Ton Jack Stand

Another great example in this category that is particularly nice is the ESCO 3 Ton 10498 Jack Stand. ESCO is a big company that manufactures automotive tools and is always determined to live up to the expectations of their customers. Although it’s a matter of regret that such a fine company gets lesser attention yet having a product line capable of competing even with the best in the business. We think their product which in this case is ESCO 10498 3 Ton Jack Stands is more than deserving to be in this review guide.

ESCO 10498 3 Ton Jack Stand


  • Having a holding capacity of 3 tons meaning 6000 lbs, ESCO 3 Ton 10498 Jack Stands are the ideal stands for the car or SUV drivers, as the high holding capacity allows you to confidently hold up your vehicle while servicing.
  • The next feature is a removable rubber flat top that these jack stands come with. This is handy while the top gets extremely exhausted due to continuous usage. You can simply replace this by spending a little for a cheap piece of rubber in case you have an exhausted worn top that can be risking damage. The rubber pad also prevents your vehicle from getting scratched while you are servicing it. The nice texture of the pad surface makes it suitable to position them on different undersurfaces of vehicles.
  • The ESCO 3 Ton jack stands have a lifting range between 13.2” to 21.5”. This again makes it suitable for vehicles that stay higher off the ground like SUVs.
  • You can adjust them to 5 heights. It has a strong locking pin to lock the stand into any position you desire. This one also comes with a ring attached to the pin that allows easy removal from the slots.
  • The last notable feature is that the 3 legged stands are angled perfectly for even distribution of the weight. It also gets additional stability as each leg has a circular base. This is also helpful as it keeps the footprint small enough to stay out of the way while working on your car or SUVs.

Build quality

The ESCO 10498, 3 ton Jack Stands comes with a very convenient design. Although there are some more attractive designs available, when it comes to overall strength and quality this one stands out. These tools are used as your safety measures while doing automotive jobs so you must emphasize the strength and stability factors. The circular feet are great for stable performance, along with that you will find reinforced panels between each leg making it more efficient. It comes with a powder-coated base that will prevent rusting so that it gets an extended lifespan.


ESCO 3 Ton 10498 jack stands come with a fairly high price compared to other jack stands. They can be purchased individually in case you have a low budget. It is always safe to buy them in pairs if you can manage to afford them. You can check out Amazon’s competitive pricing if you want yourself to get the best deal around. If you want something safe and reliable in the 3-ton jack stands category and looking for something with added height adjust-ability then ESCO 3 Ton will not let you down anyway.

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Remember what matters the most is your safety which mainly depends on the quality of the jack stands. If you are planning to work on average vehicles and need decent holding capacity jack stands then these 3-ton jack stands could be more than perfect for you. You can buy one of these 3-ton jack stands from the above list or buy some other ones but what you need to make sure is that whether you are buying the best one or not. We have tried our utmost to present you with the reviews of the best jack stands because we know Jack stands can have alternatives, but your life can’t.

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