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In the recent past, a quality spa chair was a fortune to an individual. However, at present, there are several low-budget models available in stores, which are recommended for professional use.

For instance, if you are only with 200 dollars to spend on a replacement model and want to offer the best experience for your customers, here we give the guide to you to select an affordable high-performance accessory. Following 10 spa and salon chairs will assist you to treat your customers excellently for many years.

Backwash Ceramic Shampoo Spa/Salon Chair

When it comes to maintaining hair, shampooing is one of the most common practices done in salons. If you also doing this so often and expecting to offer the best experience for your regular customers, it is the time to replace your work chair with this ceramic shampoo spa/salon chair from Backwash.

It is equipped with a dual-reinforced saddle, which is comfortable and designed to withstand, without tearing or ripping over the years even at rough use. It comes with a gel-padded seat, back, and neck that supports better comfort levels of occupants significantly.  The strong and durable steel frame supports a weight over 200 pounds without bending and/or losing its functionality. Setting up is so simple. Cleaning up is also easy (can wipe easily). The free cap comes with a chair that is comfortable and designed in a way that fits individuals of various statures.

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Shengyu Salon / Spa Chair

Shengyu Salon Chair is a first-class accessory that works excellently. It is a compact multi-functional design with a reclining system that supports to position the body. If you are looking for a new model of chair for home use or to use in your spa, this is one of the best models available. It is black but charming. Setup is simple. Its 68.5-pound lightweight design made it easy to move around when cleaning your salon or spa. It comes with a round chrome base ensuring optimal stability. The heavy-duty steel frame improves its stability further. The advanced hydraulic lift system supports a smooth height adjustment. Moreover, you get a one-year warranty on the hydraulic pump.

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Shengyu Facial Massage Table/Bed/Chair

This facial massage table, bed, and chair from Shengyu is a professionally designed multi-functional accessory that made it a popular choice in spas and salons. A strong and durable frame is stable and designed to last for years. The padded seat and backrest, made with 4-inch small cell foam, offer comfortable body placement while its 360 degrees rotating base further increases its performance in all settings. Shengyu Facial Massage Table / Bed / Chair has an adjustable height setting between 23.5” and 29.5” and offers a one-year warranty on its base and pump.

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LED-Magic Hydraulic Styling Salon Work Station Chair

Strong and durable well-developed design efficiently works well in salons, spas, and barbershops. This chair from LED-Magic is an innovative styling workstation, which can tolerate a weight of up to 400 pounds. It comes with a 20.8” wide comfortable seat. The adjustable height of the system is 20.8” to 26.3” while its 58-pound lightweight design made it easy to set up and move around. With an original model, you get the finest padding and high-quality PU upholstery, which resists water and massage oils. You could own an affordable professional-grade accessory with a one-year warranty on its hydraulic pump.

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THEO Vintage Styling Salon Chair

This great accessory comes with vintage-themed black and brown upholstery. The sturdy steel frame supports colossal weight approximately 900 pounds. Its seat and back have padded with thick cushions in keeping their shape over the years. The seat could be adjusted smoothly for 23” – 31” to improve placement. Buyers also get a 360⁰ rotatable backrest. The well-balanced body does not topple over easily. Hand-stitched vinyl upholstery gives a smooth and comfortable leather-like feel.

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Eastmagic Pedicure Station

Eastmagic is a stylish pedicure station with a height-adjustable hydraulic seat that supports the body to keep comfortably. This chair is stabilized with a premium stainless steel base. The leg rest is stable and adjustable increasing comfort levels of users. The dedicated massage function offered with the station works well without using water. Nicely assembled steel frame supports over 260 pounds without bending, breaking or falling apart. The one-year warranty covers all production defects that might rarely occur over time. Available in black color.

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ARTIST HAND Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair

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Effect Salon Bowl/Shampoo Sink Backwash Chair

Favored for the stability and multipurpose two in one design (with shampoo sink and bowl), this backwash chair offered by Effect is a professional-grade model with premium features. The steel frame can withstand abuse well. The sink bowl is durable and has designed with a wide-angle for easy usage. It is adjustable and aligned with the comfortable seat to give a better experience to the occupants. This spa chair is 100% anti-leak and comes with a double reinforced saddle with a rip-proof, and tear-proof upholstery.

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Merax Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

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TMS Hydraulic Recline Chair

TMS recline chair that tops our list, is an all-purpose spa and salon accessory that is available in reputable stores such as Amazon. It is durable with a heavy-duty steel frame. The high-quality synthetic leather used to stitch its upholstery, which is durable and has a classic style with an eye-catching modern flair that blends well in most spas and salons. This spa chair measures approximately 21” x 20” and has a 120⁰ reclining and the backrest is padded with durable 4-inch small-cell foam.

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