A Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best Car Jack Stands

Car Jack Stands

Safety always comes first while doing any kind of automotive job, especially in the case of working on vehicles. You need to jack your vehicle up with good jack stands. It may not be possible for you to always use the car ramps for doing anything underneath the vehicle. In that case, you need the jack stands to make sure that your car is properly lifted to get the job done. The car jack stands are one of the most important safety elements that help you avoid any kind of injuries during your automotive job. Generally, A specific jack stand is needed to check the car’s undercarriage – whether there’s any rust or not. Another important application that it includes is the changing of a tire.

This article is intended to guide you about the car jack stands and their benefits. We will also discuss the types of car jack stands and what are the factors you should consider while choosing one. Nevertheless, this buyers’ guide will be incomplete without mentioning some of the top jack stands for helping you choose the right one. Here, we will be recommending the 5 best choices of car jack stands that you can purchase. We hope this article will help you a big deal deciding on the right pair of jack stands.

What A Jack Stand Means?

First thing first, to move the discussion further, we need to define what a jack stand means. The jack stand refers to tripod-shaped equipment that provides support to the weight of an elevated vehicle. For that, it is generally placed under the frame or the axle of a vehicle. When you get your car jacked up, the stands are placed underneath the car, and then it is lowered onto those stands. One should use the jack stands only on surfaces that are leveled and hard in nature. For safety limitations, always use the jack stands within their weight limit capacity.

Now, coming to its types, you find there are various types of jack stands available that are mainly categorized by their height adjustability and weight capacity. The height of the jack stands is measured in inch whereas its weight is measured in the ton. From the plural notation, you should have realized that they are supposed to come in pairs, as one jack stand can lift only one corner of a vehicle. They are commonly 13 to 25 inches tall and weighs around 2 to 25 tons

The car jack stands to provide the mechanical structure that supports the weight when the vehicle is raised. The stands offer a strong stop after the vehicles’ being lifted off the ground which ensures that the vehicle will not fall onto you thus making the work experience a safer one for you.

You can realize how much you are vulnerable to injuries if you do not use the best pair of car jack stands. These can range from minor injuries such as the pinched finger to busted knuckles that can be caused by getting burned from the motor. And this could be severest and fatal in case the car just falls on top of you. So always use the jack and jack stands during any automotive work.

Type of Jack Stands

The type of jack stands that are available in the market are based on the following preferences:

  • Material Of The Stands

There is a variety of materials used in the jack stand construction from which the commonly found ones are aluminum and light steel. For heavy-duty applications, some of the jack stands are made with cast iron or heavy steel.

  • Adjustability Of Jack Stand Height

Based on the adjustability of the height, there are two types of jack stands available such as the fixed height ones and the height-adjustable ones. The fixed ones let you be relaxed in terms of moving parts to fail and are more durable and reliable. However, they lack versatility like the height-adjustable jack stands. With the adjustable jack stands you get a tripod along with the notched-center-column which allows you to adjust the height for different options. Higher quality jack stands come with the additional safety pin as well.

Factors That Make A Good Jack Stand

Now, we will discuss some of the important factors that are described below while choosing the right jack stand.

High Lifts

The jack stands are designed with high lift heights which are adjustable based on your body built. The normal adjustable height ranges from a few inches to over 6 feet from the ground.

Weight Holding Capacity

The common measurement of the jack stands is denoted by the weight they are capable to hold. This can range from half a ton to over twenty-five tons. So make sure to pick the right weight capacity of your vehicle.

Height Adjustability

This has been discussed in the previous section, but to help you with further clarification we will suggest you get the height adjustable ones and not the fixed height ones as they are versatile and commonly found ones. Getting one with the second safety pin would be the best option, especially for the stability of heavier vehicles.

Jack Stand Material

This factor was also discussed earlier. However, we need you to make sure about the nature of your job. If you need to move the jack stands pretty often then it is better to get the lightweight one made of aluminum or light steel, on the other hand, if you are looking to get those for the heavier vehicles then the cast iron or heavy steel made ones are the better choice.

Jack Stand Base

Jack stands with a wide base is very much stable and it also ensures the fact that it will not sink into any kind of soft surface while using. Read the reviews thoroughly to get a pair of car jack stands with a solid and wide base for better security.

Reviewing The 5 Best Car Jack Stands

After discussing all those guidelines you surely want us to provide you with a shortlist of the top-rated car jack stands. Here, we will be discussing our top 5 picks for the best jack stands. Please go through the reviews of these below to know more about their features, pros, and cons. Just be careful about their particular characteristics to get the desired one.

Torin T42002 – 2 Ton Jack Stands (Available in Pairs)

The Torin T42002 tops our list for some of its impressive functionalities that they possess for being made with high-quality steel. This jack stand comes in pairs for maximum utilization by using them on both sides for improved safety and stability. It is designed with a welded frame for more durability. Its saddle area is also large that allows contacting better with the weight.

They are very much user-friendly to use and comes with a rubber coating capable of preventing scratches. The Torin T42002 comes with a single piece of an iron bar that is self-locking and also multi-position forging that allows precise adjustments. These jack stands will guarantee the productivity boost of your car maintenance job. Changing oil or replacing a transmission is never been so easier as it is with this set of car jack stands.


  • Built with high-quality steel
  • Comes with a large saddle area and a welded frame
  • Rubber coating that can prevent the scratches
  • It also features the locking rack and pawl
  • The weight capacity of this pair of jack stands is 4,000 pounds
  • Meets the ASME Safety Standards


  • The joints may get rusted after a specific period
  • The metal bends may be seen in some scenarios
  • Welding is not up to the expectations according to some users

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Camco 44561 – Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand – Available in a pack of 2

The next car jack stand we have is the Camco 44561. This one comes with tripod-shaped feet that provide greater stability. Like the previous one, the top of the Camco 44561 is also coated with rubber for protecting your car from scratches. Built with cast aluminum makes it a lighter one. Another great feature is that it is constructed with cast aluminum. This jack stand is also easily adjustable from 11 to 17 inches. Each of the stands is capable of supporting 3 tons making them a pair of 6-ton jack stands combinedly. The adjustment mechanism is also fairly simple that makes the vehicle lifting procedure a much convenient one. So if you want something lightweight, portable, and convenient then this one could be a great choice for you.


  • There is a rubber coating on the top
  • Made with cast aluminum
  • Lightweight in nature
  • The adjustment mechanism is fairly simple
  • The weight capacity of the pair is 6 tons


  • Some users find the jack stands shaky and the stability is not up to the expectation
  • It can start rusting from as early as the second week

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Powerbuilt 640912 – A 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand (All in one)

The Powerbuilt 640912 jack stand is not normal it features a hydraulic system for improved precision. This stand is available individually and has a weight capacity of around 3 tons. This makes it a robust and durable one. This jack stand also has a wide base, a reliable lock system, and a safety bar lock that can prevent retraction. Besides, it also comes in a patented design combining the jack stand with the bottle jack. You adjust its height from 11 inches to 21 inches. Any off-road vehicle, SUVs, and other floor joint works are perfect for their application.


  • This pair of jack stands has a weighing capacity of 6 tons
  • It comes with a hydraulic system that helps in precision improvement
  • The base is wide and made with steel that comes with a lock system preventing retraction
  • Features a patented design that combines the bottle jack with each jack stand


  • The instruction manual is not convenient and some users find this as a matter of concern
  • Does not come with a neat welding job
  • Vulnerable to breaks after 6 months of usage

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OTC 1780 Jack Stand – Available in Pair

The OTC pair of jack stands is a 22-ton stand that comes with a flat base and not tripods shaped one. The flat base also helps to prevent it from getting shrunk into any soft surface. The load area is quite large. This one comes with the ASME and PALD standards for equipment lifting. It has 3-inch saddles, that are adjustable to 3 more inches. So it has a great scope for a wide range of automotive maintenance jobs. Additionally, the pin-style non-ratchet comes in 3 positions.


  • It meets the PALD and ASME standards
  • Comes with a flat base capable of preventing shrinkings
  • It has a big support area


  • It may feel to be a bit heavier for some
  • Some faced the cable damage issue on delivery

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Hein-Werner HW93503 (Blue/Yellow Jack Stand – 3-Ton Jack Stands)

This Hein-Werner HW93503 jack stand comes with features like a saddle column which is good for height adjustment of ratchet actions. This stand has a weight capacity of up to 3 tons. Additionally, this jack stand comes with a multi-position ratchet bar providing great strength and durability. It also features a flat base like the OTC 1780 providing additional stability and preventing them from shrinking into the pavements.

However, some users find it on the slightly expensive side. It is also considered one of the most reliable ones available there. It is designed to be used by the heaviest vehicle weighing as much as 3-tons. Like most car jack stands, this is also made of steel.


  • The saddle column that it comes with is great for height adjustments
  • this stand can weigh a maximum of 3 tons
  • It features a ratchet bar with multi-positioning
  • Has a flat or formed base


  • Not available in a pair
  • The price seems to be higher considering a single jack stand

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We hope you have found this article very helpful with some of the additional information regarding the topic. If you are confused and going through a hard time picking the best car jack stands for you, then this article will surely ease your decision-making process. The feature, pros, and cons mentioned for each of the jack stands will allow you to have a comparative study of these products by yourself. And this will finally help you decide on the best jack stands for your car.

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