Hydraulic Floor Jack – Things Consider Before Buying

There are few considerations for buying a hydraulic floor jack as it is the case for purchasing any other goods. There are aspects that may look straightforward but need emphasis before you go for one specific jack. Below we’ll be discussing some of these factors that you should be careful about before purchasing your hydraulic floor jack. 

Types and Specifications of the Car Regarding Height and Weight:

The first thing that you need to consider while choosing a floor jack is to understand the type of your car and its specifications regarding the ground clearance and weight.

The ground clearance will define how high off the ground the jack point will sit. If you have a car with a low ground clearance which means it can easily be lifted with the normal floor jacks. Generally, low-performance cars or racing/sports cars can be done using the low profile floor jacks. The regular hydraulic floor jack is also applicable to most SUVs, sedans, vans, and coupes. A hydraulic floor jack is generally applicable for most cars’ ground clearance height.

Regarding the weight, you have to remember that the hydraulic floor jacks have a rating to a particular weight capacity which is the max weight the jack can afford to lift. Within that limit of weight, the jack can go underneath the vehicle and raise it. Generally, this is rated with tons where 2-ton and 3-ton jacks being the most common ones. Midsize economy cars can be lifted with a 2-ton floor jack where the luxury ones, SUVs, sedans or trucks may need a 3 tons floor jack to be lifted. You can also avail a 3.5-ton or 4-ton jack for any larger vehicle but it is unlikely in most of the cases

Build Quality:

Quality is undoubtedly the most important thing for purchasing any goods, however, we’ve mentioned it in the second position to let you define your floor jack type according to your car’s specifications. When it comes to the quality of your floor jack, you cannot really compromise with it even if you have to pay some extra bucks for a good quality tool. You should not get attracted to the cheap ones that are poorly made upfront.

You can make an assumption about the quality of the looks of it. The floor jacks with the superior built quality should have some predominant metal parts and not have any cheap plastic elements. The finishing of the material should also be watched out. You can feel them heavy and smoothly operated. If you feel that you do not have the expertise to inspect these aspects by yourself then you should take the expert’s help while buying one.

Price of a Hydraulic Floor Jack:

Well, the budget is always going to take place in the list of considerations as a lot of your choices will be based on the price you can afford. If you have a midsize vehicle and a simple floor jack will suffice your need then you should go for the regular mid-priced ones. If you can afford the best in the market then why sitting back, in fact, purchasing a high performing one can be expensive but it will help you cut your maintenance costs in the long run.

User Reviews:

Last but not least we have the review factor in our list of considerations. And probably this factor has brought you in this particular article. If you are a newbie and want to have a look around the floor jacks all by yourself then you surely need to rely on the positive reviews of any floor jack before you actually buy one. This can either be from online reviews or from offline word of mouth publicity from your near and dear ones who use floor jacks. Both types of reviews can help you a big deal to choose the right floor jack. 

We hope you have been getting good information while going through the discussion before actually getting into some names. But yeah, now it’s time to present you the list of the best hydraulic floor jack and their reviews which was prepared with a well-thought and well-researched approach.

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