Gearbox Lifting Tools: Guide for Smart Purchase

gearbox lifting tools

Quality, security, reliability, and all that at a reasonable price – your gearbox jack lifting tools must meet the criteria.

Quality: even if you need to spend a few extra dollars to get a tool that will serve its purpose, you should rather do so than find yourself in a situation where the product is showing malfunctions in the middle of the process. These tools need to show resilience above everything else.

Security is why quality should be considered first. Only high-quality tools will give you the security you need when a heavy load is lifted and you simply cannot afford a mishap. Not only is your money at stake, but the safety of the people in direct contact with it, as well.

Once you have a quality, secure product, you can rely on it in your activities and focus on the process itself, instead of questioning the capability of the devices you are using.

Understandably, you will not hesitate to invest enough money to be able to fully trust a product. However, the price range of a product should portray its value and you want to make sure you are not throwing your money away. If you are in search of gearbox lifting tools and you want to find out more, keep on reading.

Gearbox (often known as transmission) is a part of a transmission system that provides you with control of applied power. The gearbox contains gears that are made to provide speed and torque conversions. Basically, a rotating power source transmits power to another device in the process. This kind of system is frequently found in motor vehicles, in which the drive wheels are powered by the internal combustion engine. Without a gearbox system, it would be impossible to control the power application and speed in motor vehicles. Gearbox tools used in the automotive industry are mostly made of aluminum as opposed to iron since it is lighter and more appropriate for automobiles.

There are two main categories of automotive gearbox: manual gearbox, or transmission, on one hand, and automatic gearbox, or transmission, on the other.

Manual Gearbox Systems

As far as the manual gearbox goes, it exists in two versions: the unsynchronized sliding-mesh, in which gear sets are not synchronized in spin, and the constant-mesh – far more present in today’s use, which is characterized by gear sets which are connected and synchronized. While the first type of manual gearbox is hard to encounter nowadays, that is not the case with the constant-mesh system. They are cheaper and give better performance than the new technology ones, hence their utilization in driving lessons. In some countries, it is even mandatory for drivers to pass a test with a car equipped with a manual gearbox system.

Automatic Gearbox Systems

Why are automatic gearbox systems more present in modern countries and with newer car editions? It is extremely easy to use compared to the manual system. Although far more expensive and at times unreliable due to less fuel efficiency, the advantage of this system is that it uses hydraulic power to switch to desired gears, hence the automatic transmission. The original disadvantages of the automatic gearbox system were superated as it underwent more changes and was upgraded.  A mixture of these two forms of gearbox systems was also created – the semi-automatic transmission. It allows the user to manually control the gear selection if preferred.

When a system experiences slight malfunctions of major breakdowns, you must be equipped with the right set of tools to approach the situation appropriately. Gearbox lifting tools have to meet high standards, judging by the manufacturer’s reputation and professionalism. Before purchase, check for certifications that will give you enough insight into the product’s validation. Uncertified products, on the other hand, can never be fully trusted, which is an obstacle you’d want to avoid. Once you can check these requirements off of your list, choose from a trusted assortment of gearbox lifting tools, depending on whether they are supposed to be used while the vehicle is on the ground, or up in the air.

Reviews of Gearbox Lifting Tools Listed on Maximum Marketplace

Often when you are interested in a product, you are not provided with enough insight about it. In this purchase guide, we will tackle some of the popular gearbox lifting tools listed on marketplaces and bring them closer to you.

Integy RC Hobby C25579BLUE Billet Machined T7 Realistic High Torque Mega Winch for Scale Rock Crawler 1/10

The product description promises to give you a fast solution when in off-road trouble with your car. It offers a high-torque motor with an aluminum heartsick, a Billet machined alloy case, steel winch cable, and hook, as well as a built-in toggle switch. You also can have it in a color of your choice(black, blue, gunmetal, red, or silver anodizing). As far as product specifications are concerned, the maximum load rating is @7.4VDC, which is 9-Ibs. direct power and 8-Ibs.with remote control.  It weighs 3.4 ounces.

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Integy RC Hobby C24659GREEN Billet Machined Realistic Power Winch for Scale Rock Crawler 1/10 Size

Billet Machined Realistic Power Winch

Featuring a machined utility hook, the product will give you a secure, powerful lift. It comes with a realistic-looking cable and a mounting plate. The toggle switch will give you absolute control. If you prefer controlling the device through a wireless connection, then this is this tool will be a real asset for you, since the Wireless Remote Control Module is a part of the package. Available in different colors (black, green, gunmetal, red, silver), you can adapt it to your color scheme. Dimensions are as follows: 4.8 x 3.2 x 4.8 inches, weighing 2.1 ounces.

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Demag 93136446 Standard Duty Electric Chain Hoist (1100 lbs Capacity, 16′ Lift Height, 18/4.5 FPM Lift Speed, 460V)

Demag 93136446 Standard Duty Electric Chain Hoist

This is a product that promises secure and effortless heavy-lifting, with an unproblematic installation and management. Being that injuries can occur at all times with this kind of equipment, it is very important to check for features that can prevent this kind of outcome. This electric chain hoist has an ergonomic pushbutton to reduce the risk of injury. Great for everyday use, it provides low resistance movement of loads, with a 1100Ibs load capacity. You will also receive the rest of the equipment: a self-centering chain guide, as well as a corrosion-resistant chain for the longer durability of the product.

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ARKSEN 22 Ton Hydraulic Air Floor Axle Bottle Jack w/ Wheels Lift Bus Truck Commercial

gearbox lifting tools

The manufacturer promises the power of these gearbox lifting tools to 44000Ibs load; making the product ideal for servicing trucks and farm equipment. Being that is suitable for both home and business use, it offers easy operation, as one pull of the handle activates a 22-ton capacity ram. For your security, it has an automatic overload protection system.  You will also receive a 22-ton air hydraulic floor jack and 4 saddle adapters.  As far as technical details are concerned, the weight of the product stands at 86 pounds; whereas its dimensions are 26 x 14 x 12 inches.

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Taking a look at ratings or some negative reviews (maybe competitors needs negative marketing as well), it may not be enough for a potential buyer to make up their mind. The customers who have shared their reviews mostly emphasize the reasonable price but have had different experiences. Their complaints are mostly directed towards the construction of the device, which can jeopardize the user’s security. However, most of the reviews praise the balance between the quality and the price and are therefore rather satisfied with the product.

In summary, we would suggest respecting the criteria given at the very beginning of this purchase guide, and that is not settling for less than security, reliability, and a reasonable price.  The results you achieve, as well as your personal security when using these devices, will reflect the quality of the gearbox jack lifting tools you decided to purchase. In the automotive industry, as well as for your personal use, these tools can save you a lot of time and trouble, as long as they are handled by professionals. Professional use of these tools is strongly advised by all manufacturers, above all. Make sure there is a satisfactory product warranty to rely on before investing in a product, especially in the case of mixed reviews and experiences. Finally, superb materials and impeccable production are a must in such high-risk processes.

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