A Comprehensive Guide for Gearbox Lifting Tools Purchase

Gearbox Lifting Tools

In purchasing a gearbox lifting tool, certain criteria must come into play. These criteria ought to be considered even before money or the cost. They are reliability, security, and quality. Actually, one determines the other, they cannot be separated. Because of the sensitive and precise function of gearbox lifting tools, quality cannot be compromised. Quality gives security to the user which in turn makes the tool reliable. The user cannot afford a failure of the gearbox lifting tool in the middle of its operation or use. This can lead to colossal damage of equipment being jacked up, financial losses, wasted efforts, wasted time, and even serious human injuries or maiming of body parts.

It is worth every extra dollar to ensure the purchase of quality, reliable and secure gearbox lifting tools. It will save you the distraction of constantly worrying and checking on the tool while working on the equipment being jacked up. This article seeks to provide you, the user with the necessary information required in selecting the ideal gearbox tool for you.

What is a gearbox?

A gearbox or transmission as it is often called is a network of gears designed to convert speed and torque. It is a part of a transmission system between the engine and wheels in the case of a motor vehicle. The engine being the rotating power generator while the wheels are the “end users”. The transmission system is the link, the connector. The gearbox acts as a speed regulator. The focus of this article though is gearbox tools, which are made of aluminum instead of iron, making them lighter and particularly suited for automobiles. Automotive gearboxes are either manual or automatic in design and operation.

Manual Gearbox

The manual gearbox is made up of connected and meshed gear sets (of different sizes) working in synchronism to convert speed and torque. There is another type in which the sliding mesh is non-synchronized. The gear sets in this second type are non-synchronized during spinning which makes it very unpopular as against the former which is widely used. The gearbox with a constant mesh gives better performance and it is cheaper.

The automatic gearbox system is much easier to use but more expensive. It used to be unreliable due to high fuel consumption by the vehicle on account of automatic gearbox operations. Improvements have been made now and it is more widely used now.

When purchasing a gearbox tool, look out for certified products. Certified products are the safest and most reliable to work with. The certification should be done by proven manufacturers who have shown impeccable levels of professionalism. Purchasing non-certified products carry a 50-50 risk in terms of reliability. It could have been non-certified for various reasons. It could be that the manufacturer faced some legal or other performance unrelated issues; that is issues that are unconnected to the reliability or performance of the tool. This means the product is okay to use but may be filed to scale some specific industry requirement. On the flip side, the product may be non-certified because they don’t meet safety or performance requirements. They may also be lacking in the quality of materials used or the production process. These non-certified products may be cheaper and you may want to save a few dollars but discretion is strongly advised at this point. There is a variety of gearbox lifting tools to choose from depending on the application- if the vehicle will be on the ground or up in the air.

Gearbox Lifting Tools’ Review

Below is a review of a list of selected gearbox tools that will give you relevant information to aid your purchase.  Don’t just make a choice, make an informed choice!

Integy RC Hobby C25579BLUE Billet Machined T7 Realistic High Torque Mega Winch for Scale Rock Crawler 1/10

This product is a high-torque motor with a heat-stick made of aluminum, a billet machined alloy case, a winch cable, and hook made of steel, and an in-built toggle switch.

There are varieties of colors to choose from including black, blue, gunmetal, red, or silver. The maximum capacity is 7.4VDC which is 9 pounds direct power and 8 pounds with remote control. It weighs about 3.4 ounces. It gives you a quick solution on the go in case you run into trouble with your car. it is reliable.

Demag 93136446 Standard Duty Electric Chain Hoist (1100 lbs Capacity, 16′ Lift Height, 18/4.5 FPM Lift Speed, 460V)

A reliable product with a load capacity of 1100 pounds, it moves load with little resistance and security. It has an electric chain hoist, a self-centering chain guide, as well as a chain that is corrosion resistant. This makes for the durability of this product. It has a 16-inch lift range with a 460V electric motor. The electric chain hoist has an ergonomic push-button which reduces the risk of injury to guarantee safety at all times. It is relatively easy to install and manage to offer the user a satisfying and safe experience while working.

ARKSEN 22 Ton Hydraulic Air Floor Axle Bottle Jack w/ Wheels Lift Bus Truck Commercial

This product is designed to service heavy-duty equipment like trucks, wheel loaders, forklifts, etc. It boasts of lifting to 44,000 pounds of load. Although it is suited for both personal and commercial use, it is easy to operate as a single pull of the handle activates a 22-ton capacity ram. However, it features an automatic overload protection system for your safety. It weighs 86 pounds in all and its dimensions are 26 x 14 x 12 inches. It comes with a 22-ton air hydraulic floor jack and 4 saddle adapters. This is a heavy-duty product but it provides a safety overload protection to checkmate the abuse of overload because of occasionally mistaken perceptions of its capacity.

Past users of these gearbox lifting tools have had different experiences ranging from pricing to construction and quality. Most users were satisfied with the products, complimenting the balance between quality and price. However, the complaints were mostly on the construction of the device which can put the user’s safety at risk. Outside reviews, it is pertinent to get the information provided by those who have used the products. This way you are doubly sure of what you are buying.

In closing, quality must not be compromised. The desire to save a few dollars shouldn’t make an intending buyer compromise quality. Go for certified products. Reliable products will enable you to focus on the work you are doing instead of watching your gearbox tool intermittently to see if it’s still holding up. The integrity of the manufacturing process must be sure and unalloyed to ensure quality. Please lookout for a product warranty and be satisfied with it. The user’s security is paramount and the manufacturer will guarantee that. Check for that too.

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