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Top 10 Best Salon & Spa Chairs >$200 Reviewed 2017

Spa Chair

In the recent past, quality spa chair was a fortune to an individual. However, at present, there are [easyazon_link identifier=”B01BLSFO9Q” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”majsis200200-20″]several low-budget[/easyazon_link] models available in stores, which are recommended for professional use. For instance, if you are only with 200 dollars to spend on a replacement model and …

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Motorcycle Jack Buying Guide

Motorcycle Jack

If you are a motorcycle lover then you will agree that there are things more thrilling than merely thundering down a windy mountain pass with sharp wind in your face. The power and beauty of a motorcycle with your complete control is the best you can get. Most motorcyclists have such …

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Purchase Guide for Transmission Jack Adapter

transmission jack

Trying to remove a transmission without the help of a transmission jack or a transmission jack adapter fitted to a floor jack is a difficult and dangerous task. Balancing an odd shaped transmission on the saddle of a traditional floor jack is close to impossibility. Trying to muscling out a transmission with an …

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Top of the class floor jacks

hydraulic floor jack

When it comes to mechanical know-how regarding the correct way to use a floor jack, one also needs to know more about the specific type of machine being used. This is important because a well-informed decision when buying or using a floor jack can make the difference between working with …

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