Top 5 Strongway Hydraulic Bottle Jack Reviews

Strongway Hydraulic Bottle Jack

If you are related to any field where lifting load is an integral part then you should have come across different kinds of jacks used for lifting purposes. One popular one among these jacks is the hydraulic bottle jack. This automotive tool comprises a hydraulic piston that can lift some colossal objects in a much easier way.

The hydraulic bottle jack is a very much sought-after automotive jack due to its compact size, high efficiency, and ease of use. You can even have space for its storage in most vehicles. However, different sizes are available for different types of vehicles. It is a portable jack, in fact, more than the floor jacks. To use it is easier than using the scissor jacks. And talking about its efficiency level, this jack is one of the primary choices for the industries as it is designed for different commercial applications for lifting heavy objects.

This article does not intend to define the hydraulic bottle jack or its working procedure rather it intends to help you choose the right hydraulic bottle jack for your application. Choosing the right bottle jack is not always easy and you will surely need an expert review like ours to be equipped with such an automotive tool. However, we’ve designed our review guide by picking up one of the best bottle jack brands and their top-notch products. The brand we’ve picked is called Strongway and here we’ve reviewed 5 of their top hydraulic bottle jacks. Well, you must be wondering about the reasons we considered choosing this particular brand. So, before moving into the names we’ll clarify our points behind choosing this amazing brand Strongway for their bottle jacks.

Why Strongway

There are some obvious reasons for which we’ve chosen the Strongway hydraulic bottle jacks to review. They have different models for different applications which may differ in functionalities and size, however, they bear the same features regarding the design of build construction, finish, overall quality, and performance. We’ll be discussing some of these best things below to give you an idea about how Strong the Strongway bottle jacks are.

Strong Build Construction 

The Strongway jacks come with a strong build construction made with some of the best components. They use the rugged steel of the highest grades and the wear-resistant Y-style sealing rings. Then there is the extremely strong QT450 Nodular Iron hydraulic pump that adds to its overall strength. The next addition to the build is its large diameter high-quality steel-built hydraulic cylinder unit. This unit results in lower oil pressure required to raise the load which helps in reducing wear and extending the overall service life. The Strongway does absolute justice to its name with high-quality components built to the right standards for delivering top performance.

Top Quality Finish

The Strongway gives a great finish to all of their jacks. It is done with a lead-free paint finish that is applied after a total chemical wash. This helps to prevent rust and provides a durable finish. The finish of the jack consisting of grease, oil, and dirt-resistant paint also allows easy cleaning. Now it doesn’t matter how often you use it as its finish will still be intact.

Superior Performance

The performance of the Strongway jack is long-wearing and as satisfying as its build quality. And that relies greatly on its piston-ram. Its treatment and polishing are done in a way that can withstand resist skiving and thinning over time. It greatly utilizes the Y-style PU sealing ring alongside the backup ring. The jacks are raised solidly in the perfect position due to the Y-ring which prevents the load from bypassing any oil drift or falling slowly. The performance is boosted as the hydraulics are powered with high-quality oil that is corrosion-resistant and temperature flexible allowing the operations to be done at 40-105 degrees F.

Easy To Store and Transport

Like the build construction and performance, you also don’t need to worry about its storage and transport. The sectional lifting handle connects fast which makes the storage easier. There also comes a handy steel carrying handle with the jack that makes it easy to transport.

Certification of Performance and Quality

The Strongway Jack comes with ISO-certified facilities. The system these bottle jacks are engineered is similar to how the automotive OEM sector and Aerospace Technologies are engineered. Their products meet the ASME PALD 2009 standard for ensuring maximum safety and reliability.

Top 5 Strongway Hydraulic Bottle Jack Reviews

We’ve chosen 5 top hydraulic bottle jacks of Strongway that will suit different applications for their different functionalities alongside the above features. We feel these 5 options have enough versatility to satisfy your needs and you do not need to look further for your bottle jack solution. So without further delay, let us begin the review of the top 5 Strongway hydraulic bottle jacks.

Strongway 20-Ton Hydraulic Stubby Bottle Jack

We’ve started our review with Strongway 20-Ton Hydraulic Stubby Bottle Jack which comes in a low profile design which makes it different from other jacks. The normal bottle jacks do not fit under the low-profile automotive. For such low profile requirements, the ideal option is this Strongway 20-Ton Hydraulic Stubby Bottle Jack. This jack works for vertical lifting in different automotive, on loading docks, ag repair shops, factory floors, industrial environments, and many more. However, this is not used where the force is required horizontally or downward. It can even work as a replacement for a low-profile floor jack in your vehicle.

Amazing Strongway Features

We’ve mentioned some of the common amazing features of Strongway bottle jacks above. You find it all with this particular version of Strongway 20-Ton Hydraulic Stubby Bottle Jack, starting from the top-quality design, construction, and finish to its certification of reliability. So just expect the best from this Strongway bottle jack.

Great Low Profile Design

This jack comes with a great low profile design which makes it fit easily underneath the tight spots where others don’t. The height of the jack drops down to only 6-5/7 inches at the lowest point, which makes it a great choice to be used in automotive and other industrial environments.

Go With The Versatile and Portable Option

Attaining the proper work height from a great lifting range of 6-5/8 inch – 10-7/8 inch has become way easier with this Strongway jack. You can fine-tune the height to get the load in the desired place. For the required versatility, you also have the knurled heat-treated pad with a screw adjustment of 1/4 inch. And to add more to it, there is a steel carrying handle conveniently designed to make transport easier.


This is the highest capacity Strongway bottle jack we have on the list. So if you want to lift anything that is colossal then just go for it. Besides, its quality, safety, and overall performance will surely satisfy your needs. 

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Strongway 20-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

This is another 20-Ton version of the Strongway hydraulic bottle jack with little differences in the features. However, this is a powerful and heavy-duty as the previously mentioned one. We’ll be looking at more of this amazing bottle jack below.

Amazing Strongway Features

You will find all the regular features of Strongway hydraulic bottle jack in this version as well such as the high-quality steel construction, lead-free durable paint finish, large-diameter cylinder for extended service life, and reduced wear, polished and treated piston-ram, ASME PALD 2009 standards passed, and more.

Makes Lifting Easier

This Strongway 20-Ton hydraulic bottle jack comes with a high-quality glide-action pressure pump that is designed for different hard-hitting commercial purposes. It makes lifting large loads a lot easier. Because it is a lightweight bottle jack, it is widely used for heavy-duty machinery, farm vehicles, industrial equipment, etc. 

Great Specifications

The capacity of this bottle jack is 20-Ton which runs in manual operation. The Ram Travel is 6 inches. The dimensions are L x W x H (5-7/8 x 5-5/8 x 9-1/2) inches. Its minimum lifting height is 9-1/2 inches and the maximum is 17-3/4 inches. The screw-top measurement is 2-5/16 inches.


This is again another strongly recommended option for a hydraulic bottle jack. It’s just about matching the right specifications and requirements for your application.

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Strongway 12-Ton Hydraulic Quick Lift Bottle Jack

The Strongway 12-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack is our last mention in this particular review list. This is a powerful jack that works great for quick lifting even with a relatively compact size. We’ll see more of it below.

Not Missing Out Any Regular Feature

This Strongway bottle jack doesn’t miss out on any of the regular Strongway features. So you can just relax like the previously mentioned ones about the features concerning the construction, finish, safety standards, etc.

Quick and Safe Lifting

One of the specialties about this Strongway jack is its faster-lifting capability. The piston pump of this bottle jack is oversized that can lift loads safely with 6 times faster speed than the regular bottle jack and a piston floor jack.

Highly Efficient and Operator Friendly Design

This bottle jack increases the overall work efficiency as it reduces operator fatigue greatly. So using this one for any application is a delight for the operators.


This is the 12-Ton version of the Strongway bottle jack. It works in manual operation. The minimum lifting height is 9 inches and the maximum is 18-5/6 inches. The screw-top adjustment of this jack is 3-1/8 inches. And overall standard dimensions are L x W x H: 5-4/5 x 4-9/16 x 9-1/20 inches. The Ram Travel of the jack is 6-3/16 inches. 


It’s almost the same as the above 20-Ton versions of the Strongway hydraulic bottle jack except for the capacity of 12-Ton. Well, it’s still a powerful option for your heavy loads lifting and you can surely go for it to enjoy an amazing work experience.

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Strongway 8-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Now we have the 8-Ton version of the Hydraulic Bottle Jack which is a powerful and heavy-duty option from Strongway. This jack comes with a high-quality glide-action pressure pump designed to ease the lifting procedure of large loads used for different commercial purposes. Especially, the lifting of heavy-duty machinery, industrial construction equipment, farm vehicles, and many more. Here we’ll look at more of its amazing features below.

Strongway 8-Ton Hydraulic Bottle JackStrongway Specialties

We will not be repeating some of the Strongway specialties that are common in all their bottle jacks that we’ve already mentioned above. Just to highlight some of those are the high-quality construction, durable lead-free finish, large-diameter steel cylinder, well treated and polished piston-ram, use of highly strong QT450 Nodular Iron, Use of Y-Style PU ring with backup ring, corrosion-resistant and temperature-flexible oil, adjustable F Knurled heat-treated pad, high level engineered method and standard safety certifications, etc.

These are the common features of the Strongway bottle jacks that you’ll find even on this jack. Having these features in your jack armory is always a delight to work with.

Great Specifications

This Strongway bottle jack comes with an 8-ton capacity. Its dimension is 4-41/64 x 4-1/4 x 9-1/20 (L x W x H) inches. The maximum lifting height is 17-13/16 inches and the minimum lifting height is 9 inches.  The screw-top adjustment is 3-5/32 inches. Ram travel is 5-11/16 inches.

Easy storage with more stability

This jack comes with a sectional lifting handle that connects quickly to make storage easier. The rugged base provides more stability and strength to overall performance while in operation.


This is an ideal hydraulic bottle jack if you need one with a midrange capacity and do not want to pay extra money for anything as much as the 20-Ton version. Apart from that everything about this jack is as Strong as you like. 

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Strongway 6-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

After the 20-Ton, 12-Ton, and 8-Ton versions of the Strongway bottle jacks, it’s time to have a look into the 6-Ton version. Let’s see what specialties it has and for which purpose you should use this.

Strongway 6-Ton Hydraulic Bottle JackNot to Worry With The Strongway Standard Features

And again, you do not need to worry about any of the important regular features missing out for this particular version of the Strongway bottle jack. You get it all starting from the high-quality steel construction to its standard safety certification. So we’ll not be mentioning these here as we’ve already discussed them in detail earlier. We’ll only say you can rest assured that all its design, quality, finish, and performance will meet your desired level.

Double Ram and Heavy Performance

The Strongway 6-Ton Bottle Jack features a high lift double ram that is used for lifting industrial construction equipment, heavy-duty machinery, and other such objects that require a low profile start and an extended reach. So you can expect heavy-duty performance with this Strongway jack.

Great Specifications

As we’ve said this Strongway bottle jack comes with a capacity of 6-Ton. The dimension of this jack is 5-7/8 x 5-7/8 x 9-1/20 (L x W x H) inches. The maximum lifting height is 17-13/16 inches and the minimum lifting height is 9 inches.  The screw-top adjustment is 3-5/32 inches. Ram travel is 5-11/16 inches.

Dual-Stage Cylinder and Wide Base

The Strongway 6-Ton hydraulic bottle jack comes with a dual-stage hydraulic cylinder that can lift large loads with ease even on a smaller footprint. This jack has extra stability due to its 5-7/8 x 5-7/8 inches wide base. You can also use it for applications where horizontal force is required.


If you want your jack to have slightly less capacity and save some of your money then this should be a great option. Great lifting range, great construction, great performance, and overall it should be a great purchase.

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We have sincerely tried to guide you to choose the right hydraulic bottle jack for your lifting applications. We’ve focused on one particular brand called Strongway and 5 of its variations regarding the specifications and model. This article should’ve helped you to clear the mud around and narrow down the list of choices to get to the best-suited hydraulic bottle jack. We also have a plan to write about some tips regarding hydraulic bottle jack troubleshooting in one of our upcoming articles. So until then Goodbye and Happy Jacking!

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