Top 5 Global Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

Hydraulic cylinders are used in innumerable applications including hydraulic presses, packing machines, forges, cranes, and mobile applications such as agricultural machines, marine equipment, construction vehicles, and manifolds. They’re very essential to many operations like loaders, excavators, balers, man-lifts, drill-rigs, telehandlers, dump trucks—and also in operating booms, lifts, arms, buckets, and platforms. Anything requiring pushing-pulling or lifting-lowering action must need the hydraulic cylinder to operate with. The most common types of hydraulic cylinders manufactured for these applications are Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder, Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder, and Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder (single-acting/double-acting). They are primarily available in two designs the Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders and the Welded Hydraulic Cylinders. The tie rod cylinders are used mainly in the different factory applications whereas the welded hydraulic cylinders are used in heavy industrial applications like cranes, oil rigs, etc.

To meet the growing demand for hydraulic cylinders, numerous companies have entered the market. Although it is hard to decide who are the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, they claim their products are of the highest quality and best-performing ones. So how do you come up with the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturers? To answer this question, we have considered a few factors that the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturer should be characterized by

  • Experience, as the experienced campaigners are the most reliable ones.
  • Having diverse capabilities for manufacturing different hydraulic units of various sizes and styles and providing custom solutions for user-specific needs.
  • Reliability gained through years of customer service.
  • Having a strong geographical presence with a wide sales distribution network

These factors surely help us to provide the list of the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturers but before getting into the names you should have some knowledge about the nature of the hydraulic cylinder market. The market is very much fragmented with the presence of many vendors across the globe. There are many international, regional, and local vendors. Several local and regional manufacturers giving strong competition to the international vendors by providing hydraulic cylinders with high-level customization at a relatively lower price. It is expected that with the growth of product expansions, innovations, and M&A; international vendors will acquire regional or local players for their inorganic growth.

Top 5 Global Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

Bosch Rexroth

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers - BOSCHBosch has been the pioneer of the hydraulic equipment market since 1795. They have the headquarter in Lohram Main, Germany. The company manufactures types of equipment covering a wide range of technologies such as hydraulics, gears, linear motion and assembly, and electric drives and controls. In hydraulics, they provide different products like motors, cylinders, accumulators, pumps, filters, proportional servo valves, oil treatment systems, and secondary controls. Their hydraulic cylinders are well-structured having the systematic range to meet specific market requirements. They are broadly used in different sectors globally, including civil engineering, automotive, ocean energy, wind energy, aluminum, marine, mobile application, and food and packaging.

They have established their sales distribution network in over 80 countries. Their manufacturing and customizing locations are situated in 22 countries. The company has a strong geographical operation running on 4 continents such as Europe (excluding Germany where they have individual operations), the Americas (North & South), and Asia.

Daikin Industries

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers - DaikinDaikin Industries was established in 1924, having its headquarter in Osaka, Japan. Being a high-quality air conditioning systems provider for different commercial and industrial applications, the company also has a separate business division named the oil-hydraulic division that specializes in them as one of the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturers. It consists of three subdivisions: mobile hydraulic equipment, industrial hydraulic equipment, and centralized lubrication equipment systems. The hydraulic products that it provides are hydraulic units, piston pumps, motor pumps, vane pumps, rotor pumps, gear pumps, flow control valves, pressure control valves, oil coolers, and sub-plates. These are being used in numerous applications of different industries across the globe.


Eaton was established in 1911 and its headquarter is situated in Ohio, the U.S. They provide the design, manufacturing, and sales of high-end hydraulic systems and their different components which are used in mobile and industrial applications. Their hydraulic division has Eaton’s filtration and the Airflex industrial clutch, brake, and golf strop business. The products that it supplies for hydraulic solutions are pumps, valves, motors, cylinders, transmissions, control, hose, and fittings. It also provides hydraulic and lubrication oil filters like low and medium pressure filters., filtration systems, hydraulic filter accessories, and breather filters. When it comes to hydraulic cylinders, Eaton manufactures hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder parts that they claim to be capable of meeting the most demanding industrial applications for their variety, feature, and quality.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has been on the market since 1896. Their headquarter is located in Kobe, Japan. The company offers a wide range of transportation and industrial equipment. These products come under the banner of the Kawasaki brand. Their portfolio includes equipment like aircraft, helicopters, motorcycles, jet engines, merchant ships, general-purpose robots, aerodynamic machinery, and finally hydraulic pumps and motors. They are one of the top manufacturers of different hydraulic components and systems that includes hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and valves.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has a wide geographical coverage including Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, UK, Germany, and the U.S. Kawasaki Heavy Industries has eight business divisions that it operates its business through. These are ship and offshore structure, aerospace, rolling stock,  plant and infrastructure, gas turbines and machinery, precision machinery, motorcycle and engine, and others.

Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S., was established in 1918. The company has a wide product line covering different fields that includes motion control products, fluid purification, refrigeration, process instrumentation, air conditioning, fluid flow, and electromagnetic shielding and thermal management products. Parker Hannifin has three operating business divisions such as industrial, climate and industrial controls, and aerospace. The company has a strong presence in the market with various products including hydraulic filters and fluids, accumulators, cylinders, flowmeters, and manifolds. They are one of the largest suppliers of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder parts for industrial applications. It provides a diverse range of hydraulic cylinders such as tie rod, rounding, and ‘mill’ type cylinders best suited to all industrial applications.


Regardless of the industry and application that you need a hydraulic cylinder for, you must ensure that you are buying the right one from the right manufacturer. Brand strength is the most important thing people look for. We hope your quest for the right brand has ended after going through our list of the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and we believe you can surely count on them.

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